Nightforce Rifle Scopes. The BEAST.

Why is the most advanced rifle scope on the market today called the B.E.A.S.T.™? It has absolutely nothing to do with size, weight, or appearance. Our technical engineers were wanted to know to do what was thought impossible…to create a rifle scope the likes of which had never been built before. To invent radical new technologies that solve old problems inherent to competitor’s products. And to include capabilities and capabilities that for years had been nothing but pipe dreams. Cut no corners, they were told. Not on materials, on quality, on workmanship, on durability. Conceive the ultimate rifle scope, we asked them. 
Then build it. It was a challenge so demanding, so taxing, at times so overwhelming, that the concept became known as “a beast,” both for the difficulties it presented and for the times when it seemed they had created a monster. When they succeeded, and it came time to give the newest Nightforce rifle scope a name, nothing else seemed appropriate. “But we can’t call a rifle scope a ‘”beast,’” some folks said. What does that stand for? What will customers think? They’ll think it stands for “Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology.” Because that’s what it is.


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Unknown said...

Indeed a beast! Personally, for my 308 i own SHV and it's damn good. I recently did a whole review of best scopes for 308 at Patriotic Hunter and surely Nightforce SHV was included.