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Shooting a 1000 yards rifle 7 MM Remington Magnum

Birgir Runar Saemundsson of  B.R.S Custom Rifles, shooting a Heavy Bench 1000 yards 7 MM Rem MAG Rifle. Made by himself,and this rifle was used in Ohio 1988 to set a new world record at 200 yards, 10 shots measuring 0.275 inch! At that time the rifle was chambered for 6 MM BRS, designed by Birgir. This case gives similar velocity as 6 MM Rem BR. This rifle is pillar bedded into stock, with bisonite bedding compound. Pillar bedding method utilized. Rifle action is accurized and sleeved with a 15 inch long sleeve, 2.3 inch in diameter. Action can take up to 1.75 inch diameter barrel. Stock is Lee Six converted to my taste. Trigger is Hart 2 oz. Scope now is Unertle 32 X for 1000 yard shooting.

For over 40 years we have been making custom rifles, varmint rifles, tactical rifles,hunting rifles,target rifles,bench rest rifles. Publishing books about Gun Silencer, Muzzle Brake, Double Action Silencer, Pistol Silencer, Rifle Bedding Book, which is about Glass bedding Rifles.Tool design and development. Internal ballistic tech. Bench Rest competition for over 35 years and one World Record set in 1988 in Ohio USA. In Heavy Bench Class at 200 yards 10 shots in 0.275 inch.

World Record HB Class 10 Shots 1988 IBS Nationals
Original Target for World Record 1988, measuring at 
Kelbly's range 0.266" for 10 shot group H.B. Class at 
200 yds. Officially measuring 0.275" by Committee.

World Record Certificate

Our Maxim about rifles: Only the best is good enough!

About Rifle Bedding Book.

Rifle Bedding Book is a detailed illustrative instructions of how to glass bed a rifle.The only thing needed is a Bedding Kit, Bisonite, Acraglas, Micro Bed, or Marine Tex, to name some good compounds. Few common tools, battery drilling machine, wood chisels and sandpaper etc. And good instructions which are in the Rifle Bedding Manual. Easy to follow instructions step by step of a bedding method that has been over 40 years in use. The most accurate rifles for Precision Bench Rest Competition, are bedded by this pillar bedding method. This bedding is used for varmint rifles, hunting rifles, tactical rifles, and target rifles.

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