Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Kahles Rifle Scopes

KAHLES, the rifle scope pioneer since 1898, is the premium producer of rifle scopes and binoculars on the international market. Established in 1898, making it the oldest scope producer in the world still in existence. Backed by a wealth of tradition and famous worldwide for its pioneering spirit and exceptional quality, rifle scopes and binoculars that combine precision with best possible operation and timeless design are made in Guntramsdorf near Vienna. 
Never miss THE MOMENT! We are aware that every shooter and observer requires a very clear image through an easy-to-use and absolutely reliable product in order to evaluate the situation the best way possible. With this defined goal in mind we develop and manufacture rugged, high quality optical products that allow users precise targeting and observation at the crucial moment. Our history and our passion for innovation make us strong. Based on the KAHLES organizational culture, in which engineering, quality consciousness, the preservation of know-how within the company and ensuring production and job quality are core values, we produce high class products for shooters and observers. A sustainable and modern production facility in Austria, which is heated and cooled completely without fossil fuels and works exclusively with renewable energy was built for a sustainable and environmentally friendly production on the pulse of time.


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