Friday, 4 March 2016

Hensoldt Rifle Scopes

Today Carl Zeiss binoculars, rifle scopes and spotting scopes are well respected around the world. But sports optics is just one small facet of what is a huge organization. Zeiss is also heavily involved in manufacturing precision components for the medical, semi-conductor and other fields. One of these other fields is the military and LE market. Products for this specialized market are now designed and built by the Carl Zeiss Optronics division and marketed under the Hensoldt label. Now, the name Hensoldt is much more than just an old and respected name pimped for commercial gain. Hensoldt and Carl Zeiss have long ties dating back decades. Hensoldt itself was founded in 1852 by Moritz Carl Hensoldt and was originally an energetic competitor of Carl Zeiss. Out of the box the Hensoldt, is a most impressive looking piece of military hardware. Beautifully made with sinister good looks, its Teutonic military heritage is unmistakable. In the hand there is no doubt to its intended purpose.

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